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Just finished watching the second DVD of Buffy season 4. Love the show. Too bad I didn't realize how good it before it ended... But yay for DVDs! I'm already thinking of buying seasons 6 and 7 next month. Let's just see where I stand money-wise then.

And also, things that made me go 'Huh?' in HPHBP. )
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1. They're shooting "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe"!
2. The release of Dreamfall (computer game) is set for the end of the year.
3. New Harry Potter book! Just finished reading! Will comment in next post.
4. Saturn left my sign after 2 LOOOONG years (and for those who don't believe in astrology, this is probably silly, but damned if I don't feel much lighter...)
5. My new hair cut. It's a little bit shorter than shoulder-length. I LOVE IT.


Jul. 7th, 2003 07:08 pm
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*looks around empty office*
Yup... I believe I just *might* be able to come back to LiveJournal. Read my friends page. Update LJ. Catch up on my email. Even vid a little, who knows? Here's hoping :)

A quick update on fandom (not much there...) and RL, considering it's been *months* since I've done a real update on LJ...

Fandom: I've started reading OotP, and am loving it. Although I haven't been able to get very far, with work and family stuff. On the vidding front, I'm working on boni's b'day vid (just 7 months late!) and on a few SV vids that I've been mulling over for what feels like a *year*. Expect a huge batch of vids to come out soon. They're practically exploding from my brain... Also, I've finally got a cable internet connection at home, so I'll be able to dl SFU episodes to vid. And a few movie vids I've been thinking about also. This is *fun*!

Therapy: I've just started. My therapist is very nice, we're getting along just fine... Although I always leave the sessions (the two I've had so far) feeling like we've only just started scratching the surface and that there's so much *more* to talk about. For some reason, I manage to spend the entire hour just chatting about unimportant stuff, and the stuff that's been really bugging me are always left unsaid. Maybe next session I'll just make a list or something.

Also, she's asked me to try and remember my dreams, but I just can't. I know I dream, and I remember them for about 5 seconds after I wake up, but by the time I'm fully awake all the memories seem to have just flown from my mind. Does anyone have any suggestions for remembering dreams?

Work: Work is crazy as usual. Apparently, working in the department that develops software for the federal budget means working 20 hours a day during the months of June/July and November/December. I have five different software projects, all due on July 31st. Fun, huh? On the bright side, I won't know what to do with myself on August 1st (hopefully) :)

Birthdays: This year, my mom, sister and I decided to celebrate our birthdays together (my sister's is June 20, mine is June 23 and my mom's is July 9). So we arranged this huge party at my mom's house. Here in Brazil, during the month of June, we have a traditional type of party (St. John's Feast) with specific costumes, dances, foods and games. And a bonfire. And colored flags. And... Gosh, lots of stuff. I was talking to Barbana on AIM a while ago and I promised to make a site explaining all this stuff, with pictures and movies from the party. This project turned out to be much bigger than it seemed at first (the history behind this feast is *huge*), but it's coming along. Stay tuned! *g*

Family: My sister is staying here on vacation from NY for a month. We're trying to get her to come back for good. There seems to be an opening for a producer in the national news here, starting August. I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

Pregnancies: My younger cousin just told the family that she's pregnant. She's only 18. I wanted to whack her in the head when I heard... Considering that she has a living example in the family (my *other* cousin also had an unwanted pregnancy), that people do indeed get pregnant, it's not just some scary story our parents tell us to prevent us from having sex, you'd *think* she'd have understood the concept of birth control. Apparently, no. Birth Control Pills and Condoms are foreign words for her. Dear God.

Meanwhile, I *want* to get pregnant, and don't. Seems just a little bit unfair, doesn't it?

Well, I guess that's it... Feel good to be back! Hopefully, I'll be able to stay this time *g*
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Okay, I need help with something... It's about [ profile] bonibaru's b'day vid. So boni, don't click on the lj-cut, ok? Please? :)

Cut out so as not to spoil Boni... )

Thanks :)
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Just a quick note, before I go out with my mom for a stroll. It's a lovely day, and the sunset here is beautiful!

I feel so out of fandom lately. With all the computer trouble, I haven't been able to keep up at all. I'm way behind on LJ, I haven't read any fic or watched any vids in ages, and I haven't downloaded the last two eps of Smallville... *sigh*

I have, however, watched "Chamber of Secrets", and loved it. It seemed a bit slow at times, mostly because of the editing that left a lot of pauses in the dialogues (either that or I'm getting way too accustomed to Gilmore Girls dialogue speed). But other than that, it was lovely. Will possibly have more to say about this later, when I'm less pressed for time.

And, a quiz! Apparently, I'm not evil. I just pretend to be...

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I watched "Fellowship of the Ring" again today. God, I love that movie. No matter how many times I watch it, it still gets to me. Aragorn and Arwen actually dialoguing in Sindarin :) The little details like how the ring just falls solidly on the ground, doesn't bounce at all. And how Galadriel *glides* down the stairs. And Legolas walking over the snow, while everyone else is drudging in it. Arwen calling her horse Asfaloth... So many little details for the book lovers :)

Legolas with his two long knives and his bow... Aragorn with his sword just walking into a swarm of orcs as if it were no big deal. I remember actually thinking of exchanging my practice sword for a bow *g* And wondering how many years of Aikido practice it would take to get me to be as light and calm as Legolas.

Gandalf's fall still gives me goosebumps and make me all sad and weepy, even though I've watched it about 5 times (and *read* it about 10) and even though I know he'll come back. Boromir's death would make me cry, if I were the type to cry at movies. Which I'm not. Definitely a good way to spend the evening :)

I also downloaded the trailer for "Two Towers". Eowyn! I love Eowyn! I hope they do her character justice... She's always been one of my favorites. Her and Faramir. I like secondary characters :)

One interesting phenomenon, though. I simply *cannot* see homo-eroticism in LOTR. And lord knows, it's practically *text*. But still, I just can't picture it. Not Frodo/Sam, not Aragorn/Boromir... Nothing. I don't know why... Could be because I have so much love for the story itself, for the books, for the history and the friendship and the loyalty. But really? I have no idea.

The same happens with HP, although at least here I know why. It's because I see them as kids. Little kids. And it just seems... wrong. I know, I know, they're 15 now (in the books), same as Clark... But still, I see them as little kids. Could be the fact that TW's actually 25 years old, while the actors who play Draco and Harry really *are* kids... Or maybe I'm just a prude :P

Despite this little problem, I'm feeling myself being sucked into these two fandoms. I already have an HP vid forming in my mind (which will probably turn into a b'day present for [ profile] bonibaru *g* No slash, though!). I might try some fic (reading, not writing), see if I like it...

New fandoms! Fun! As if I didn't have *enough* trouble keeping up with this one... :P


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