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I'm still feeling giddy from my performance tonight. We've found a new venue to rehearse on, and part of the deal is that we'll play at events for them whenever they want. So today they had a birthday gig for the venue, and the entire community was there, performing whatever it is they perform. We had guitar players, actors, poets, you name it. We even got a poem dedicated to us, which was pretty awesome :)

Performing for an audience is a guaranteed high. No matter if it's for a tiny group, like tonight (about 40 people), or for a huge public like when we played at half-time at the RFK Stadium in DC (20,000 people!!!). It takes me forever to get down to earth again. And I seriously need to sleep.

Just so you can have an idea, here's the RFK Stadium performance. I'm the one with my back to everyboy, which is the bad thing about conducting (you have to face the band!) Then again, if you have your back to the audience, you don't get that nervous... Like Jim Morrison used to do :) But hey, I did turn around at the end, and there were people on the other side of the stadium too (although not as many). Plus we appeared on the big screen, which was awesome! (But distracting at times...)


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