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I'm online again! Well, actually I've been online at work every day, but the firewall there blocks LiveJournal and AIM. But I finally got my computer back, with a borrowed 120GB HD (my old one died on me) until I manage to buy another one. Bigger! Better (hopefully)! We'll see... Although I'm starting to believe that there's something else wrong with the computer, since it's crashing an awful lot lately, especially when I use graphics-heavy programs (which is obligatory to vidding, so you can see my conundrum). I'll have to have it checked again soon. But for now, it's home, and working (kind of). So I'll just make a big update while I can.


I'm currently very much in love with Paco de Lucia. For those of you who don't know, he's a spanish Flamenco guitarrist, and he's amazing. I love his work. If you like Flamenco, check out his site.

I am, however, very nervous about a presentation I have to give tomorrow for my spanish class. I chose Paco de Lucia as my subject, and I have to speak 15 minutes about him. In spanish. Now, I suck at presentation in general. Even when I have to give them in portuguese (or in english, in which I'm kind of fluent ;) ). I'm already trembling at the prospect. I plan on playing a 5 minute piece on the CD player, that way I only have to speak for 10 ;)


My dad was on TV today! Well, he's on TV every week, actually, but this time he was on for a whole hour! He was interviewed about his political views on the whole corruption scandal that's been going on here in Brazil. Pretty cool. Also, they showed a picture of me and my sister! So I was on TV too! Yay! *g*


I am currently working on ripping my Smallville DVDs into small MPG files, so that I can remaster my old videos, and possibly make a few new ones. I have a few movie vids in mind also. The ripping process is taking longer than I anticipated, though, especially because my computer keeps crashing on me. But I'll get ther eventually.

Also, I wanted to put up a website. That involves finding a good hosting service. I'll probably host in the US, it's hard to find a hosting service here in Brazil that gives me the kind of freedom you guys have as to what can be put up. I'm still searching, though. Any ideas?


Don't know if I mentioned it, but I'm going to Peru this Friday. Me and two girl friends are walking the incan trail to Machu Picchu. The three of us make an interesting group, one is a very girly type, loves pink, is taking cologne and is horrified at the idea that we'll have to use bushes as our bathrooms for 4 days (not that I love the idea, but I'm not losing much sleep over it). The other is very practical, and is the one taking care of all the arrangements, booking hotels, making check lists, that kind of thing.

As for me, I'm just in it for the adventure. I love camping out, being in the wilderness, walking trails and taking pictures. Not to mention the whole spiritual aspect of the journey. I have been given a few tasks by a psychic I went to the other day (and yes, I go to psychics. I've been to three in my lifetime, and although I'm kind of skeptic, I still think there's some truth in what they say). One of this tasks involves writing all the stuff that I think are wrong in my life, and that I want to leave behind in order to get a fresh start. I should then take it on the journey, and bury it somewhere along the way. I have to tell you, the list is LONG. But, you know, even if you don't believe in this kind of thing, just the act of making the list already gives you clarity of what you need to change, and it does seem like a good start, doesn't it?


Another superstitious thing I'm doing: I have this apartment that I've been trying to sell for almost two years now. It's an apartment I bought with my ex-husband when we still believed we were going to stay in São Paulo. When we decided to get divorced, he didn't have enough money to pay the mortgage on it, so the arrangement was that I'd pay for it until I managed to sell it. I paid off his part, so what actually happened was that he got his money upfront, while I got stuck with the debt and the ordeal of selling. I know, very very stupid, but then, I just wanted the whole divorce negotiation over and done with, no matter the cost (it was an extremely tiring and nerve-wrecking process for me). Anyway, it's been on the market for almost two years now, and it's just not selling. So this psychic told me to light an orange candle over the contract on wednesday, which I did. And now all I can do is basically pray that it works. I figure it can't do any harm, so... The candle's been lit for four days now. We'll see.


Also, I went to a podiatrist(sp?) today, and had all my ingrown nails trimmed. I then proceded to paint them pink. I am in love with my new feet :)
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Darn. I'd just finished writing the longest post, and my machine crashed and I lost it all. The amazing machine that I paid a tidy amount to have, with 200GB of disk space, a DVD-RW, 1GB of RAM, all the works, crashed. That's not fair. *pout*

Oh well. I'll just rewrite it. In Word, so that I can save it *g*

Anyway - HI!!! Hi everyone! I'm back! How have y'all been?? What's everyone been up to? I want to know everything! :-)

Okay, I'll start *g*. First off, I'm single now, officially. Have been so for a year, actually. It's been a good year, all in all, lots of fun, dancing, traveling, partying, lots of good friends, lots of work. And now things are still hectic, but I have a 'net connection, and I missed you guys! Really! *g*

Let's see, I'll try doing this in topics and see if it works.

Traveling: I did the Camino de Santiago (Saint James Way, in English) in April. For those who don't know, it's a pilgrimage crossing Spain from the french border to the city of Santiago. It's about 870km long, and I walked another 100km from Santiago to Finisterre, which is on the coast (Finisterre means, literally, the "end of the earth" - in ancient times, people believed that the earth ended there, and they built a lighthouse, really beautiful place). So, that's almost 1000km, which is about 620 miles, I think. I walked it in 33 days, an average of 17-18 miles a day. I recommend it to anyone who'd like to a) test their limits; b) learn more about themselves; c) meet interesting people; d) learn about a different culture/language; or e) all of the above. It was the most intense experience I've ever had.

Sports: Well... I stopped practicing Aikido for a while, but am thinking of returning. Also, I started playing squash (really cool!) and running in the mornings, and am actually thinking of entering a half marathon next year. And to top things off, I'm starting sailing lessons on weekends, and might even buy a boat with a few friends sometime soon. Very athletic, my life of late!

Fandom: Not much to talk about there. I missed most of the 3rd season of SV, haven't been home much lately. The shows I see are mostly on DVD, I bought Sex and the City (only two seasons), Dawson's Creek (I know, I know! It's my guilty pleasure...), and the first three seasons of Buffy, which I got hooked on after watching "Superstar" (don't remember the vidder's name, but that is one cool vid!). I'm anxiously waiting for season 4 to come out on DVD here in Brazil.

Vidding: I haven't vidded much, fandom-wise, but I'm working on a big editing project for our end-of-the-year party at work. What we're doing is, taking scenes from famous movies, like Thelma and Louise, The Godfather, Schindler's List, and so forth, and dubbing over them as if the characters were the people at work. It's hilarious, especially the dubbing sessions. Lots of fun, but also lots of work. I'm dying to see the finished product *g* Although it's taking up most of my time (not to mention disk space!) to make it. We have a tight deadline (October 30), so I'll be off fandom vidding until then. But I plan on making a big return! Stay tuned!

Okay, I think that's about it... Don't know if I forgot anything that I'd written on the other post, but oh well. If I remember anything, I'll just repost *g*

How about you guys? What have y'all been up to?
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Watched 'Insurgence' and 'Suspect'. Hopefully the Latin WB will continue being nice to me and will show 'Rush' today. Who knows? We might actually catch up with y'all in the upper hemisphere :)

Now... These two past episodes got me to thinking about Lex. I know, I know, probably everything I say here has already been said, analysed, contested, reanalysed, resaid, discarded, etc. But damn it, I was trying to stay unspoiled and didn't read any of it, so in my little world, these thoughts are actually original. So there.

First off, Lex and Lionel. I think their relationship is getting better and better. Things that caught my eye (or mind, or whatever): in the end of 'Visage', Lex tells Helen that he doesn't want to become his father (and man did I love that speech :) ). Yet in 'Insurgence' he fights back using exactly the same weapons his father supposedly used against him. I find this dichotomy very interesting, for some reason. The fact that, when confronted, he felt like he had to defend himself, showed an amount of guilt that Lionel *never* shows. For the first time, I despised Lex. Sort of. Ok, not really, but I was very pissed off at him... While at the same time feeling very maternal and wanting to hug him and make it all better -- hey, I'm a Cancerian! It's my instinct!

In 'Suspect', I wanted to kick Clark in the ass about a million times, for being so damn judgmental. I keep going back to feeling sorry for Lex, because the truth is, no matter how hard he tries, it'll always be so much harder for him to Be Nice. I don't think he'll *become* evil. That's not how it works, IMO. I just think he'll realize how much easier it is for him to just be a Luthor, live up to his family name (and fame). Eventually he'll just stop trying so hard. Simple, easy, and gradual. And already happening, to some extent. And I'm *dying* to see Lucas *g*

And yes, Clark *is* a big part of this. Because for a while, he was the only person who believed in Lex. And Lex got used to it. The fact that Clark actually thought he'd shot his father and framed Jonathan (and threw in his face the Nixon shooting, which was a *really* low blow, considering the circumstances around that shooting -- Bad Clark! No cookie!) had, I think, a much bigger impact on him than if it had been anybody else.

Poor Lex. He's getting sooo tired. I can see it in his face, in his tone of voice. I wonder if he *will* eventually kill Lionel, like he did in the comics. I feel like killing him myself. But damnit, that man simply refuses to die. Maybe I'll just kill him in my vid *g*

Heh. I feel like Captain Obvious with this post (hi Wook ;) ). But yeah, these are my thoughts. Next in line for LJ: thoughts on fanon!Lex and canon!Lex. It's right here on my list :)

Songs that inspired this random line of thought:

All the Things She Said by Tatu (don't ask... I hadn't actually looked at the lyrics, but damn, the chorus is so entrancing!)
Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park (yes, all Linkin Park lyrics remind me of Lex)

Disclaimer: I have only watched up to 'Suspect', so my logic (or lack thereof) may have already been broken by eps I haven't seen yet. Or something.
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Okay, I'm rushing off to a movie with hubby (it's been *ages* since we've gone to a movie), but stuff is piling up in my head and I just have to write it down before I forget everything. So here goes... *takes deep breath*

  • Hated 'Visage' (well, except for the part where Chloe's hitting on Lana. That was cool.). Loved loved *loved* 'Insurgence'. Seriously, I don't remember what y'all thought of that ep, but it was good. So good even my *husband* liked it. Plus, it gave me a whole bunch of footage for my "Sympathy for the Devil" vid :)
  • On that note, my computer is back to its full vidding capacities, so I've begun tinkering a bit with a few vids, mainly Boni's b'day vid, Barbana's vid and the Lionel vid. And I've come to a conclusion: I CAN'T VID WITHOUT A BETA! *weeps* I can't, it just doesn't work if I don't bounce stuff off of someone. Boni! I need help! And I need a net connection! Wah!
  • I finally managed to convince my boss that I *need* Photoshop on my machine. So he got it for me. And all I've done with it so far is... work. Darn. But I have a whole bunch of icon ideas, not to mention the new layout for my LJ I'm working on, so expect new things as soon as work slows down a bit. And note that I said *new*, not *good*. Definitely NOT good :P
  • I have a fic idea (or rather, a character analysis of sorts). It's Lillian/Lionel. It will probably never get written, much less posted, since I have little confidence in my writing skills. I have a serious vocabulary deficiency, y'all. Really. Someone please tell me where I can pick up english vocabulary? And don't say, "read", because I read a *lot* in English (more than in Portuguese, actually), and I *know* what words mean. I just don't remember them when I'm writing...
  • For all of you that like computer games, adventure games in particular, go out NOW and buy "The Longest Journey". That's the absolute best adventure game I've played so far, and I've played a *lot* of adventure games. April Ryan kicks ass. Plus, she's snarky and she writes *exactly* like me. Seriously. Her diary looks just like my LJ, except with interesting stuff :)
  • Hubby's thinking of trying out for the police academy. I don't know if I support him on this or not. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I'll support him. But I'm scared to death of him being on the streets and having a gun in the house. I dunno. I don't want to become a widow so early... And yes, I'm melodramatic, why do you ask? *g*
  • Brazil's coming up on the Carnaval weekend, so I'll be offline from Saturday until Wednesday afternoon. Going up (or rather, down, now that I live in Brasília) to visit my dad. Should be fun, and restful. Hopefully. I need it. I *totally* blew up in a meeting today. I even scared myself. Not fun.

Well, that's about it, I guess. Lots more to say on a whole bunch of topics, but I don't have the time to write it now, so I'll just jot them down here... *scribbles on notepad* and write them tomorrow.
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I want to whine. I feel like whining. Here's why:

* My absolute favorite brazilian movie *ever* didn't get nominated for the Oscars. And that sucks. I don't think I'll watch the Oscars this year.

* I'm all sore from the latest exercise bouts. I'm taking Aikido on Tuesdays/Thursdays, and hitting the gym on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays. Maybe that's a bit too much...

* I have cramps. And that always pisses me off. For the obvious reason (i.e., *pain*), and for the not-so-obvious reason that I'm obviously not pregnant. I think. Do you get cramps when you're pregnant? *eyes conception doctor's number* Maybe I should just call this woman and get an appointment and get this over with already. Tomorrow.

* Latin WB is showing reruns, and I wanna watch all the fantastic new eps y'all are raving about! I've only seen the crappy ones (with the exception of Lineage, of course). But now, they're back to "Nocturne" :P

So, yeah, I'm not happy right now. Not sad, either, just... bitchy. Like the mood icon says. I'll be better tomorrow.

Back to your regular program...


Dec. 18th, 2002 11:23 am
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I woke up today with A-Ha music in my head. What is *wrong* with me?


Watched Lineage yesterday, finally... Amazing. I think I've come to a conclusion about Smallville: it *is* a good show, but it's stretched to death. It feels like people don't want things to happen too fast, so they put in filling episodes in between the ones that actually have plots. All the crappy episodes are the ones that either a) don't have plots *at all* (or at least none that matter); or b) seem to just hammer the same plots that have been presented in actual plot-driven episodes. Eventually I'll make a more thorough analysis of this to see if this works...

One thing that caught my attention in Lineage is how much wee!Clark looks like Tom Welling. Amazing :)

Also, I've come to the conclusion that most of you had already come to: Lionel *is* the devil. Damn. Next vidding project: "Sympathy for the Devil". Oh yes. I've been putting it off because the song's too complicated and too long (it's almost 7 minutes, but I think I can shorten it quite a bit), but Lionel *deserves* to have his own vid.

Ok, so it's not my *next* vid. I have two important vids to make first, but it's right after those :)


Dec. 12th, 2002 11:13 pm
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And yet another new icon from Slod. This was the first time I actually got to her post early (first, even!) and I made a big mess out of it by being completely indecisive... *sigh* People shouldn't give me options. I don't work well with options. If I were Robert Frost in front of the two roads that diverged in the woods, I'd probably have stood there staring at both for hours...

Anyway... In honor of my new pretty muse icon, here's my new vidding list, which I hopefully will be getting to as soon as we buy a new desk for the computer:

"A House of Many Rooms" by Mike & The Mechanics - Lex/Clark
"Sad But True" by Metallica - Lionel/Lex
"A Stroke of Luck" by Garbage - Lex/Clark
"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkin - Lex
"You Don't Know Me" by Jann Arden - Lana/Chloe
"Learn to Fly" by Foo Fighters - Clark

I'd also love to make a few HP vids (Lucius! I love Lucius!), but first I have to get good source (which is taking me forever to download from Kazaa). I also have to get my muse to turn her eyes from Lex long enough to give me some ideas...

So... Which of the above should I do first?

Edited to add links to the lyrics.
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Um, this will be quick, since I'm at work. And, you know, it's a *new* job and I want to maintain a good impression at least for a few months *g*

First off, thank you to everyone who dutifully talked me out of vidding "Come What May". I owe you all my life (or at the very least my vidding reputation) :) But I wasn't *really* going to do it, you know... I was, um, just testing you guys. To see if you were paying attention. Yup, that's what it was! I also blame it on sleep deprivation. It was temporary insanity! So you see, I've got all my bases covered. *ahem*

Also, my husband arrived! Yay! And the move arrives tomorrow! So... New house this weekend. Without 'net access, unfortunately. But hopefully I'll get everything installed soon. We'll see.

But! Hubby managed to fix my mom's computer! So, until this weekend, I'll be online again! So, [ profile] tresca, [ profile] bonibaru, [ profile] slodwick, [ profile] stept, [ profile] wook and anyone else who'd like to chat and doesn't mind general silliness, I'll probably be on AIM tonight! Yay!!

I missed you guys...
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Yup, I'm bitchy today. I'm PMS-y, I have cramps, I'm sleep deprived and my face is full of acne (don't ask me why). And Trader's Haven is down. Wah! Where am I going to get my eps now? (This is me being totally selfish. In reality, I'm just glad that she only got a C&D and a few confiscated CDs/VHS tapes.)

But! Sloddy liked her b'day vid! And lots of people sent me feedback, and mosself said it was clever, and Boni said it was quirky! So that made me very very happy :) Also, I bought clothes today... *happy sigh*

So all in all, the day kind of balanced out. I'm still sleep deprived, though, so I'm thinking I should go to bed.

But! Before I go... I need your help (again). See, I'm thinking of making a vid as a present to the folks at the Aikido-l mailing list, using the footage from the 2000/2001/2002 seminars. But I can't think of a song to vid it to... So, I need suggestions of songs (preferrably with a nice fast punctuated rhythm) that talks about beating or hitting of flying or falling or... Oh, know what? Just take a look at the clips here (especially the one called "...tip me over, pour me out") and here (the Hiroshi Ikeda and John Costello one is pretty good) to get an idea of what this will be like... :)

I'm also thinking of vidding Clex to "Come What May" (Moulin Rouge). Lex as Christian and Clark as Satine... *g* Someone talk me out of this by telling me how stupid this idea is? Someone? Please? It's not like I don't have a huge list of other vidding ideas...
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Hey, Slod! Happy birthday (again)! Right-click here for you birthday present. Hope you like it! I know you asked for a Lex vid, but the Kents kind of sneaked in there... Hope you don't mind. Clark's shirtless, to make up for it ;)

Oh, and thank you thank you thank you to [ profile] tresca and [ profile] bonibaru for beta'ing and also for being great friends :)
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Okay, so I'm following [ profile] bonibaru on this one... Because I've always wanted a vid meme, and this is the first one! Yay!

I have a problem, though... I only have five vids so far. But what the hell, I'll just redo this in a few years, when I have 30 vids like boni does :)

Best video I've done: Bohemian Rhapsody (Lex). It was my first, and still the one I'm most proud of. Took me forever, though.

Favorite video of mine/one I most enjoy rewatching: Good Riddance (Chloe). That's like a favorite child for me. It's nice and short and sweet, and I adore the song. I just need better source, dammit!

Most under-rated video of mine: I dunno. Lover Boy, maybe? It's my only Clex vid, and I really like it. It's kinda cute and fluffy :) But I've only gotten *one* feedback email for that one.

Most over-rated video of mine: Bohemian Rhapsody. Is this totally bizarre, having this be the best *and* the most over-rated? But really, it *is* over-rated. I've watched it a million times, trying to figure out what it is that people see in it that makes random people send me long emails praising it. Plus, it gets like half of all the hits my site gets. I love it, and am very proud of it, but it's a *first atempt*! I can point you to about a million vids by other vidders that I consider better than that one...

Vid I want to hide under a rock and have no one ever see: Possibly Basket Case. I did it in a rush, and although I like the opening part ok, I just think that the ending takes *forever*. That's the one that I most feel like tinkering with :P
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Just a quick note, before I go out with my mom for a stroll. It's a lovely day, and the sunset here is beautiful!

I feel so out of fandom lately. With all the computer trouble, I haven't been able to keep up at all. I'm way behind on LJ, I haven't read any fic or watched any vids in ages, and I haven't downloaded the last two eps of Smallville... *sigh*

I have, however, watched "Chamber of Secrets", and loved it. It seemed a bit slow at times, mostly because of the editing that left a lot of pauses in the dialogues (either that or I'm getting way too accustomed to Gilmore Girls dialogue speed). But other than that, it was lovely. Will possibly have more to say about this later, when I'm less pressed for time.

And, a quiz! Apparently, I'm not evil. I just pretend to be...


Nov. 23rd, 2002 12:50 am
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Ooh, look at what [ profile] tresca gave me! Chlana! She made lots more, just go over to her LJ and grab one for yourself :)

Now I feel like making a Chlana vid...
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Look at me, spamming LJ with long posts... Sorry guys. Promise I'll shut up after this one.

Latin America WB showed Duplicity today, so I watched it. And here are my very intelligent comments upon watching it for the, oh, 5th time, I think:

* Tom Welling looks damn good in that yellow t-shirt. The blue one, too. Better than in those stupid plaid shirts that make him look like he has no neck :P

* That scene in the end, where Clark does the super-dunk? I love it. Clark and Pete are so good together as friends, I just don't get why TPTB don't give us more of that...

Yeah, that's it. That's all I got.


I went to a proctologist today. Not fun. I'll spare you the details of the exam because, ew. The good news is, I'm fine. Apparently those excrutiating pains in my groin were just cramps. I have ass cramps. Hee! That just cracks me up :)

Since I was there and he's a doctor and all, I showed him the painful bump that appeared under my arm (God, I should just keel over and die already, there's always something wrong with me :P). He diagnosed it as a cyst that developed due to my anti-perspirant. But the interesting thing was his prescription: I should put a hard boiled egg on it three times a day :) I couldn't stop laughing! He says that heat is good, and the egg retains heat for a longer time than cloth, and heating pads aren't a comfortable fit. So yeah, I have to put a hard boiled egg under my arm. Yay! *giggle*


I think I'll start vidding Six Feet Under or Everwood. I'm just waiting for inspiration to strike. I love Smallville and Harry Potter to death, and don't intend on giving them up anytime soon, but I just feel this need to vid something more real. Probably Six Feet Under, since it has so many beautiful visuals... I don't even know if there's a strong fan base for SFU. We'll see.


I've started work on that SV vidding database, and damn, scripting that is hard! Fun, yes, but hard. Took me a while to find a free site that hosted ASP pages and MDB databases, too. If anyone's looking for something like this, take a look at Brinkster. It's the best one I found.

[ profile] soappocrates, I haven't been in touch because I'm still trying to make something that actually works :P Hopefully I'll have something tomorrow or Thursday...

Oh, and have I mentioned lately how much I love you guys? Thanks for being so great :)
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* While [ profile] bonibaru finds Wednesdays the best day for LJ, for me it's the worst, because I've promised myself that I won't read *any* Smallville spoilers. Which means that I have to scan over most of the tuesday/wednesday posts until I actually get the episode.

* Is Whitney *ever* coming back to the show? As himself, that is? Does anyone know this? 'Cause I have a really cool vid idea, but he has to come back for it to work :P

* My mom's computer, although equipped with 256MB of RAM and about 20GB of free disk space, refuses to play the eps I download. Well, they play, but the sound and the images are totally out of synch, when the images aren't just plain frozen. Very frustrating :P Does anyone know if there's a way to get it to play properly?

* Work's still boring as hell. We have no desks, no *chairs* even. Eighteen people crammed into a small room with nothing to do. At least they're interesting :) We have a cellist, a hiker, a lawyer, so many different hobbies... So it's fun. Don't know how long I can take just sitting around, though :P Thank goodness for [ profile] bonibaru, keeping my worktime interesting ;)

* I forgot what it's like living close to family. And thus, living close to family *problems*. My cousin is still in a custody fight over her 3yo kid, he's threatening to stop paying her pension (which is, of course, not legally settled) if she doesn't let the kid live with him for two weeks every month. I won't even go into how much moving around would hurt him psychologically. Damn, I hate feeling helpless. All I can do is listen. *sigh*

* I'm going back to Aikido! Tomorrow's a try-out class. At 7am. I have my doubts if I'll actually make it out of bed and onto the mat, but I'll do my best :) I miss Aikido. Hopefully this Sensei will be less crazy and megalomaniac than my last :P

* Hubby's coming here tomorrow! Friday's a holiday (Republic Day here in Brazil), so he'll be spending the entire three-day weekend. It'll be good to not sleep alone again :)

That's about it. I'm still not used to working full time again, I'm trying to rework my schedule. Which is why I haven't replied to a lot of emails... But I will. Soon :)
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"Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions." -Woody Allen

As promised, here's the post on what I like and don't like about first time fics. Granted, I haven't read many --I haven't read that much fanfic *at all*-- but in the ones that I read, there were basically three points that bugged the heck out of me:

Clark and Lex are friends. They discover they have feelings for each other, kiss, make out, and wind up having wild passionate sex -- all in the span of five minutes.

I won't make sweeping generalizations and say that this *never* happens, but *most* people's first time doesn't work like that. There's a period in between the kissing and the sex that span from a few days to *years*. Losing your virginity, no matter if you're a guy or a girl, straight or gay, is usually a Big Deal(tm). It's scary as hell, and messes with your mind. And, you know, this is *Clark*. The guy who hasn't even kissed anyone unless when induced by mutant flowers/handshakes/red kryptonite (or Chloe kissing *him* in 8th grade). I have a hard time seeing him coming to terms with the fact that he's a big gay alien and in love with his best friend, a guy that his father *hates*, in such a small period of time. Let alone having sex.

Even though it's Clark's first time (and possibly Lex's first time with a guy), they do *everything*. Four times. All night long. And they both know exactly what to do, and they do it well.

First off, the "do everything" part. Like [ profile] rhiannonhero said, I think that just the virginity aspect should be enough. Leather, food, even the dirty talk sometimes (I can take a few expletives, but sometimes it just gets to be too much), seem a bit overwhelming for a first time. From my experience, first times are usually pretty simple *g*

As for the stamina, I understand that teenaged boys have an incredibly high sex drive, but sometimes people go overboard. Even porn actors must have to rest at some point... And, you know, it usually hurts. I can go with the idea that Clark won't be harmed, but what about Lex? So yeah, the energizer bunny routine sometimes gets on my nerves...

And the fact that it all goes so smoothly, always, no choking, gagging, hurting, sticking your foot in your partner's face by accident, leg cramps, *anything*. Okay, it's not supposed to be a comedy of errors, but I've never heard of *one* first time where everything ran smoothly. Not even the planned ones. *Especially* not the planned ones :) Laughing is usually a part of first times. Either that or crying. I prefer laughing *g*

After the sex, life goes on as usual. Clark goes home (or stays at Lex's, because he obviously doesn't have parents who wonder where he is) and is still the exact same person he was before (which is usually remarkably mature).

Okay, so this isn't really a big nitpick. Most fics stop at the post-sex cuddling, anyway. But to me, the thing that makes a first time fic different from every other fic is the psychological aspect of it. What goes on in their heads before, during and after. The "after" usually gets neglected, and that's the most fun (from the psychological POV. Otherwise, I actually think that the "during" part is the most fun ;) ) You know, the feeling that you're a different person than you were two hours ago. The feeling that everybody else is acting like virgins *g* The big goofy smile on your face whenever you remember the fact that you're not a virgin anymore. I like that part. I don't mind if you don't put it in, but I always feel happy when I see the aftermath... And it's shown the way I remember it :)

So, that's pretty much it. I'm not a big fan of PWP for first times. First times deserve a plot. If you want to write PWP, with kinks and multiple orgasms and all the stuff I mentioned above, that's fine. I like those too :) I just think they should be in an established relationship fic.

The only first time fic I've read so far that fit all my criteria is [ profile] rhiannonhero's Constellations. Go on, read it (if you haven't already). You won't be sorry :)
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Interesting moments today:

1) [ profile] goss's and [ profile] alax's stick figure doodles

2) [ profile] barbana's birthday present to [ profile] goss

3) [ profile] slodwick's Chlana manip (hard to explain to my 18 male co-workers!!!)

And last, but not least, I was talking to my mom today about men:

Mom: Men are strange...
Me: Uh huh *nods emphatically*
Mom: Sometimes, I totally get lesbians.
Me: *choke*
Mom: Cause, you know, we should stick together. Women understand each other.
Me: ...
Mom: We're like different species, men and women. Men should stay with men, women should stay with women. It would work so much better that way...
Me: And we'd just get together to procreate?
Mom: Yup. Works for me.

Oh boy. I love my mom :)


Nov. 6th, 2002 12:27 pm
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My Clark muse is stalking me. No, really. All the songs I hear remind me of Clark lately. What the hell happened to Lex??

I don't wanna do another Clark video! I don't wanna start a vid that I won't be able to finish for months. So, um, please go away, Clark muse? Pretty please?

Was listening to the radio, and it played this old Nina Simone song that I *love*, only sung by some guys called "Lighthouse Family" which I've never heard of before... I prefer the Nina Simone version, because, you know, it's Nina Simone. *g* Plus, it has the complete lyrics. Although the Lighthouse Family version is more viddable, seeing as the NS version is practically Gospel, complete with snapping fingers and clapping :)

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

I wish I knew how it would feel to be free
I wish I could break all the chains holding me
I wish I could say all the things that I should say
Say 'em loud, say 'em clear, for the whole round world to hear

I wish I could share all the love that's in my heart
Remove all the bars that keep us apart
And I wish you could know what it means to be me
Then you'd see and agree that every man should be free

I wish I could give all I'm longing to give
I wish I could live like I'm longing to live
I wish I could do all the things that I can do
And though I'm way overdue, I'd be starting anew

I wish I could be like a bird in the sky
How sweet it would be if I found I could fly
Well, I'd soar to the sun and look down at the sea
Then I'd sing 'cause I'd know how it feels to be free

Go away, Clark! Go bug [ profile] tresca or [ profile] bonibaru or something... *grumble*

I am weak.

Nov. 6th, 2002 11:54 am
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Ok, I give in. I hate IRCs, but... [ profile] alejandradd, where do you get the Smallville episodes again? Please? :P
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Wow. I just updated my site. It now has a recs page, which hopefully will be updated more frequently than my journal was :P

While I was going through the vids I have saved in my HD, I ran across [ profile] bonibaru's Inside Out, a Lex/Lionel vid. So I watched it again. And was awed. Again. So yeah, it's old, but go watch it. Again. Because it's really good :)

Also, I added a page for Goss's vid (Bad to the Bone). I feel so happy when I get things done :)

On other news, the fannish gods conspired to make this weekend high on fannish viewings (or something like that). First off, for some reason hubby decided to watch the Cartoon Network on Sunday, and it was showing the Justice League. Heh. So much better than the old version... Very cool episode. I've come to two conclusions: 1) Batman is definitely my favorite hero ever (unless you count Graphic Novels, in which case I'd go with Rorschach (Watchmen) or V (V for Vendetta). I like them bitter and slightly crazy *g*); and 2) Joker is my favorite villain. I just adore his sense of humor. Remind me what I'm doing again watching Smallville? ;)

And then, just to top things off, we flipped over to TNT and the movie they were showing was... Superman! Yup. Amazing. We couldn't have pulled it off if we'd planned for it, definitely. I hadn't watched that in *years*. And I have to say, I almost gave up, because the first hour is just so damn boring. No, really. Jor-el. Krypton. Young!Clark. *Yawn*.

But... Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent! So cool! So dorky! So like Tom Welling in many respects! And, as Superman, so sarcastic and fun! Yup, love him. Always.

"Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe." -Lex Luthor, "Superman"

So, I guess that's what we do around here with meta discussions, huh? Read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and try to unlock the secrets of the universe? Sounds good to me *g*

Hehehe. Just watched the season premiere again, with my husband. And really? I liked it a lot. Plot holes aside, it was pretty darn good. Hubby thought so too...

[Scene where Lionel holds Lex's hand and tells him that he loves him, or almost]
Hubby: Wow. Look at that. He's actually showing affection. I didn't think that was possible...
[Lionel then procedes to tell Lex that he's blind, and that he should have left him to die]
Hubby: Uh, I take that back...



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