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Okay, this may sound stupid, but... How does this BitTorrent thingy work? Where do I get it?

I'd forgotten what it was like to read my flist right after an episode of , not having watched it along with everyone else. So yeah... BitTorrent. I want it. Now.



Aug. 4th, 2005 03:49 pm
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I am completely addicted to this game. Actually, I've always been addicted to it, it used to be my favorite board game when I was a kid. Now that it's online, I just can't stop playing.

I have no idea if you have it in the US. Here's the idea: at the beginning of the game you get an objective, say, conquer all of the African continent and the Asian continent. The initial layout of the board is random, each player gets an equal (or almost equal, in some cases there are differences of one army between players) number of countries which they control (i.e. have one army piece). In each turn, you are given new armies to distribute, half the number of countries you have under your control, so if you have 10 countries, you get 5 armies to put wherever you want. When you have at least one more army than a neighbouring country, you can attack it, three armies at a time. The combat is decided on a roll of the dice, and if you manage to kill all the armies you then gain control of that country. The first person to reach his/her objective wins.

Well, that's the gist of it. There are other rules, like bonus armies if you manage to control a continent, and trading cards for armies, but, you know, if anyone's interested, just ask me and I'll explain everything (since the site's all in Portuguese).

Current game's objective is to conquer the world *g* So far, I haven't even been able to conquer Europe... But there's hope still.


Mar. 26th, 2003 06:14 pm
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I don't normally post stuff like this, but this is way cool. I'm impressed :)



Mar. 25th, 2003 06:12 pm
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I have a new appreciation of web designers. Seriously. I *bow* to y'all. This stuff is incredibly hard. Not just the design part (although I spent the entire *day* trying to figure out a good color scheme for this damn coffee site that we're making as a demo), but also the technical part. Modesty aside, I'm quite well versed in programming languages. I've programmed in Assembly, Clipper, Cobol, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java. After the first three, they're all pretty much the same. Get yourself a nice reference card and you're all set to go.

And I *still* find myself stumped with HTML. Not the language, of course, that's pretty easy. The hard part is figuring out *how* people work with this not-very-friendly language to make such amazing things. For example, I thought that, to put a 1 pixel border on frames, you'd simply set the border style to solid and the border width to 1px.

Doesn't work.


And that's just the beginning. Drop-down menus, forms, keeping straight what's ASP and what's JavaScript and what's HTML... So. Damn. Hard.

Deadline's tomorrow. Reminds me of a quote I like:

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." -- Douglas Adams.
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Okay, I'm rushing off to a movie with hubby (it's been *ages* since we've gone to a movie), but stuff is piling up in my head and I just have to write it down before I forget everything. So here goes... *takes deep breath*

  • Hated 'Visage' (well, except for the part where Chloe's hitting on Lana. That was cool.). Loved loved *loved* 'Insurgence'. Seriously, I don't remember what y'all thought of that ep, but it was good. So good even my *husband* liked it. Plus, it gave me a whole bunch of footage for my "Sympathy for the Devil" vid :)
  • On that note, my computer is back to its full vidding capacities, so I've begun tinkering a bit with a few vids, mainly Boni's b'day vid, Barbana's vid and the Lionel vid. And I've come to a conclusion: I CAN'T VID WITHOUT A BETA! *weeps* I can't, it just doesn't work if I don't bounce stuff off of someone. Boni! I need help! And I need a net connection! Wah!
  • I finally managed to convince my boss that I *need* Photoshop on my machine. So he got it for me. And all I've done with it so far is... work. Darn. But I have a whole bunch of icon ideas, not to mention the new layout for my LJ I'm working on, so expect new things as soon as work slows down a bit. And note that I said *new*, not *good*. Definitely NOT good :P
  • I have a fic idea (or rather, a character analysis of sorts). It's Lillian/Lionel. It will probably never get written, much less posted, since I have little confidence in my writing skills. I have a serious vocabulary deficiency, y'all. Really. Someone please tell me where I can pick up english vocabulary? And don't say, "read", because I read a *lot* in English (more than in Portuguese, actually), and I *know* what words mean. I just don't remember them when I'm writing...
  • For all of you that like computer games, adventure games in particular, go out NOW and buy "The Longest Journey". That's the absolute best adventure game I've played so far, and I've played a *lot* of adventure games. April Ryan kicks ass. Plus, she's snarky and she writes *exactly* like me. Seriously. Her diary looks just like my LJ, except with interesting stuff :)
  • Hubby's thinking of trying out for the police academy. I don't know if I support him on this or not. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I'll support him. But I'm scared to death of him being on the streets and having a gun in the house. I dunno. I don't want to become a widow so early... And yes, I'm melodramatic, why do you ask? *g*
  • Brazil's coming up on the Carnaval weekend, so I'll be offline from Saturday until Wednesday afternoon. Going up (or rather, down, now that I live in Brasília) to visit my dad. Should be fun, and restful. Hopefully. I need it. I *totally* blew up in a meeting today. I even scared myself. Not fun.

Well, that's about it, I guess. Lots more to say on a whole bunch of topics, but I don't have the time to write it now, so I'll just jot them down here... *scribbles on notepad* and write them tomorrow.

Web design

Feb. 20th, 2003 04:10 pm
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Well, since *nobody* gave me a hand in web design, I had to go search for stuff on my own... *pout* I've only just started, but I found these two sites interesting:

Web Pages That Suck - I've known this site for years... Fun and informative, although somewhat too snarky for my taste. It's interesting to see what you *shouldn't* do, though.

Fixing Your Web Site - Just started reading this, so I can't really say much about it yet. It's by the same author of Web Pages That Suck (Vincent Flanders). Looks promising.

If I find anything else, I'll let y'all know.
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Ok, BIG update here. Lots of stuff happened in the last week or so... But first of all, Happy Birthday, [ profile] wook! Hope your day's wonderful :)


I watched "The Ring" this weekend. Mildly disappointing... Although Samara's kind of creepy if you think about her for long enough.


I got my computer to work! Well, actually, hubby did. We bought a nice nobreak (good thing, too, my building is constantly having energy peaks), and new speakers, and now everything's working! Yay! And! Hubby managed to save all my Premiere projects and Smallville eps, and the Premiere installation files. And! AND! He got us a 40GB hard drive! I'm in vidding heaven at the moment... :)


Thanks to [ profile] bonibaru, I watched the first episode of Firefly (it works, boni!). Loved it! I'll be spending the rest of the week watching the rest of the episodes, and who knows? I might even vid something if the muse whispers :) Although I'm not counting on this, especially considering the big backlog of vids in my todo list (including someone's birthday vid...). But yay! Firefly! And Jen, when are you going to finish that incredible vid you showed me, oh, 4 months ago? I still have it in my computer, you know... And it's damn good.


I spent most of the weekend playing "The Longest Journey" with my husband on the computer. It's an adventure game, and I adore the protagonist, April Ryan. She kicks ass ;) Well, not in the "Tomb Raider" way, but still, she's witty and sarcastic and just plain *fun*. I have never enjoyed playing a character as much as this :)

On the downside, and about the *only* bad thing that's happened these past days (other than the slight depression you guys witnessed), "Black & White" refuses to work on my computer. I've been waiting to play that for almost a year now. I have the CDs, the manuals, everything. But apparently there's some sort of incompatibility either with my video card or with Win2K, or with my video card running on Win2K. Frustrating. Gah.


I have discovered (and fallen in love with) Dave Matthews Band and Train. I've been listening to them for *hours* today, and can't seem to tire. "Angel" rings of Chlark to me, and I just love "Drops of Jupiter". Yay for new favorite bands! And yay for my sister for showing them to me :)


Well, that's about it... Not really that much, come to think of it... Today's a new Smallville episode (new for me, anyway). I'm having the greatest time watching Smallville for the first time on TV, withough spoilers. I might start doing this permanently :)

Nah, who am I kidding? As soon as I get a decent internet connection at home, I'll go back to downloading from the 'net ;)
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Before I forget to mention it, I put up a page for Slod's birthday vid over at the website. And I also took away the movies, actors and music pages, because I'll never update them anyway and they just weigh on my conscience. So there :P

But now I feel this urge to list my favorite movies and actors... *sigh* Here goes. In no specific order...

Ten favorite actors:
* Ewan McGregor
* Kevin Spacey
* Edward Norton
* Robin Williams
* Cate Blanchett
* Billy Bob Thornton
* Haley Joel Osmont
* Michael Rosenbaum
* Russell Crowe

Ten favorite movies (5 years or older):
* Dead Poets Society (1989)
* The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
* Schindler's List (1993)
* Forrest Gump (1994)
* Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
* L.A. Confidential (1997)
* Léon (1994)
* Trainspotting (1996)
* Titanic (1997)
* Pulp Fiction (1994)

Ten favorite movies (since 1998)
* American Beauty (1999)
* Moulin Rouge! (2001)
* The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
* The Matrix (1999)
* City of God (2002)
* American History X (1998)
* The Sixth Sense (1999)
* Nueve Reinas (2000)
* Fight Club (1999)
* Saving Private Ryan (1998)
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So. No internet at home. No internet at work. Just looking at my inbox makes me sad... It'll take me *forever* to catch up. Hopefully the internet will be back at work tomorrow (I'm at my mom's for the night).

If you're expecting a response from me (either email or LJ comments), I swear I'm not ignoring you...

*smooches* Hope everyone's ok! And I'll be back sometime soon :)

ETA: And, um, I still need help with Boni's b'day vid... Click here for more info (no, Boni, not you! ;) )
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Hey! Is there anybody out there? It's the third night I've been on AIM and there's nobody on! Is it my AIM that's wonky or is everyone enjoying the end-of-the-year holidays? I miss you guys!

I'm so desperately behind on everything, what with the move and the Christmas shopping and work... Just so I remember later, here's list of stuff I have to do:

* send beta for [ profile] wook's fic (sorry, hon, I've been a lousy beta these days, but I'll write you soon!);
* send beta for [ profile] stept's vid (sorry steppy!);
* finish modelling the multi-fandom clip database (still accepting help here, folks! Just email me!);
* write up my analysis of the Smallville episodes so far;
* write in my LJ about vidding;
* write in my journal about Brazil (ooh, long project, I don't even know where to begin with this one);

I won't even go into vidding projects, the list is huge, and apparently I won't be getting my computer back for another month!

I had another vidding idea... This one more for myself, since it's a brazilian song and a brazilian movie ("City of God", which will probably be nominated - and hopefully win - the Oscar next year). I'm scared, though, because if I actually go through with this one, I'll be infringing brazilian copyright. I never worried about this kind of stuff for the SV vids, because I know the US law can't reach me here, but with brazilian footage/music it's a whole other story. Plus, the fandom culture isn't at all divulged here in Brazil, so there's no precedent in stuff like this here. I have no idea if they'll sue me or hire me :)

Huh. Guess I'll find out soon enough, huh? Either that, or I can host it in an american server :)
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I've been off-line for a while, stupid cable modem isn't working, but I WON'T WHINE ABOUT TECHNOLOGY! I won't. I'm tired of doing that on my LJ, and I'm sure y'all are too. So this is all I'm saying on this topic. But because I've been off-line, I have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of stuff to say here, so bear with me, this might be quite long :)

First off, specifically to [ profile] bonibaru: I'm so sorry! I've been a lousy beta... I'll make it up to you! Promise! Also, I haven't been able to download the finished version of Hallellujah, the dial-up connection is too slow to download 12MB. But I watched the draft version you sent and it looked really good, so I'm guessing that the finished version will be just brilliant :) I'll download it as soon as my mom's stupid provider discovers what's wrong with my connection :P

What else... Oh, I have a bunch of new friends! Hi! I lost that link that tells us who's friended us when (does anyone have that? Boni?), so I don't really know who's new and who's old... But thanks! And welcome! :)


Real life has been fun and interesting lately, although extremely hectic and tiring. Work is terrific, the people at the new job are lots of fun. Most are men (only 4 women in a group of 42 new public servers), in their late 30s/early 40s (apparently I'm the youngest server in the whole center), and most are recently divorced. Also funny as hell. Lots of fun chatting with these guys :)

Today we started unpacking the boxes over at our new apartment. I love doing this... I love organizing stuff and discovering all these cool things that I'd totally forgotten I had. I just wish it weren't so damn tiring! I'm sore all over, and we're not even half through.

We have an extra room and we don't know what to do with it. Right now, it's empty, and I believe that we're unconsciously holding out for The Baby(tm). I wonder exactly how healthy that is... And am thinking of moving the TV and couch in there, just to lessen the pressure. Don't know yet...

Oh, and we managed to sell our old apartment! It's not a done deal yet, but hubby's flying up to São Paulo this week to hopefully sign all the papers and get the check. Yay! We can start looking for a place to build our future house now!


On to the holiday blues... I've been doing some thinking and I've realized that what y'all have in the US is the best holiday scheme ever. See, you have three end-of-the-year holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas (or Hanukkah) and New Year. So, you can spend Thanksgiving with one spouse's family, Christmas with the other spouse's family, and New Year's together. Which is just perfect.

I, on the other hand, have a few problems with the end-of-the-year holidays:

Problem #1: We have one less holiday than you guys have (Thanksgiving). Which means that basically that I don't have a holiday to spend alone with my hubby. There are still two, though, which means that people don't usually have a problem with dividing their time between parents and in-laws. That is, if I didn't have...

Problem #2: Too Many Parents. My parents are divorced, and remarried, so I have two sets of parents to deal with. Add hubby's parents to the mix (who thankfully has only the traditional one set of parents), and we end up short one holiday.

This is what makes me almost hate the end-of-the-year holidays. It's always a dilemma, who to leave out of the mix. It would be okay if I managed to join a few parents in one place, but my dad lives in a whole other state (and besides, I doubt he'd feel very comfortable spending the holidays with my mom), and my mom and my mother-in-law don't exactly get along. So...

This year, the problem is in New Year. My in-laws want us to stay here. My dad wants us to go to Rio, and is willing to pay our air fare to get us there. My sister's going to be in Rio, so that's a big plus (she lives in NYC and I hardly ever get to see her). But my husband doesn't feel comfortable around my father and stepmother. Plus, there's my in-laws to think about... I'd already invited them to spend the New Year at my place (my mom and step-dad are traveling to Europe). And now I don't know what to do!

I hate having options. Hate hate hate. I can never choose, and when I do choose I always end up hurting someone. It always astounds me how I can be so selfish and at the same time so worried about everybody else's feelings.

Kind of dampens my holiday spirits...


Last of all, I got an email from Omar today! I'd sent him an email ages and ages ago, about one of his journal entries. I've been reading his journal from before I learned about TWoP. In fact, I think I got to TWoP through his journal. He's a great guy... Made my day :)

So, I guess that's about it... I have no idea when I'll be online again. We're already looking into an ADSL connection for the new apartment, but that'll take a while, since we still have to get a phone line (plus we have to unpack the computer and get a new desk).

Play nice while I'm away, you hear? :)


Dec. 5th, 2002 01:11 pm
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Ok, so I wasn't on AIM yesterday. I'm sorry... I really really wanted to be there, but I had to go to my godson's graduation (middle school graduation. I didn't have one of those... Any excuse for a party, I guess :P). I even danced a waltz with him! And I'm dead tired, 'cause I got home at 2:30am...

But I'll be on tonight, promise!
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Um, this will be quick, since I'm at work. And, you know, it's a *new* job and I want to maintain a good impression at least for a few months *g*

First off, thank you to everyone who dutifully talked me out of vidding "Come What May". I owe you all my life (or at the very least my vidding reputation) :) But I wasn't *really* going to do it, you know... I was, um, just testing you guys. To see if you were paying attention. Yup, that's what it was! I also blame it on sleep deprivation. It was temporary insanity! So you see, I've got all my bases covered. *ahem*

Also, my husband arrived! Yay! And the move arrives tomorrow! So... New house this weekend. Without 'net access, unfortunately. But hopefully I'll get everything installed soon. We'll see.

But! Hubby managed to fix my mom's computer! So, until this weekend, I'll be online again! So, [ profile] tresca, [ profile] bonibaru, [ profile] slodwick, [ profile] stept, [ profile] wook and anyone else who'd like to chat and doesn't mind general silliness, I'll probably be on AIM tonight! Yay!!

I missed you guys...
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Yup, I'm bitchy today. I'm PMS-y, I have cramps, I'm sleep deprived and my face is full of acne (don't ask me why). And Trader's Haven is down. Wah! Where am I going to get my eps now? (This is me being totally selfish. In reality, I'm just glad that she only got a C&D and a few confiscated CDs/VHS tapes.)

But! Sloddy liked her b'day vid! And lots of people sent me feedback, and mosself said it was clever, and Boni said it was quirky! So that made me very very happy :) Also, I bought clothes today... *happy sigh*

So all in all, the day kind of balanced out. I'm still sleep deprived, though, so I'm thinking I should go to bed.

But! Before I go... I need your help (again). See, I'm thinking of making a vid as a present to the folks at the Aikido-l mailing list, using the footage from the 2000/2001/2002 seminars. But I can't think of a song to vid it to... So, I need suggestions of songs (preferrably with a nice fast punctuated rhythm) that talks about beating or hitting of flying or falling or... Oh, know what? Just take a look at the clips here (especially the one called "...tip me over, pour me out") and here (the Hiroshi Ikeda and John Costello one is pretty good) to get an idea of what this will be like... :)

I'm also thinking of vidding Clex to "Come What May" (Moulin Rouge). Lex as Christian and Clark as Satine... *g* Someone talk me out of this by telling me how stupid this idea is? Someone? Please? It's not like I don't have a huge list of other vidding ideas...
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"Cyberspace: A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation." --William Gibson

"The 'Net is a waste of time, and that's exactly what's right about it." --William Gibson

Well, this is a first for me. Someone thinks that [ profile] bonibaru is *mean*. That's just... I don't know. Weird. Because she's one of the nicest persons I've ever known. And also wickedly funny :)

So... This got me to thinking about the Internet and on-line personas and relationships and... Well, pull up a chair, because this will probably be long.

Cut away so that people don't unfriend me. )

And I have to renew my account :P


Nov. 26th, 2002 01:19 am
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Just posted a whole bunch of recs over at the recs page.

I really need to update that more often...

I give up

Nov. 24th, 2002 12:18 pm
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I have decided to follow Calvin's advice (from the [ profile] calvinandhobbes community) and go off to live in the jungle. Away from anything and everything that has to do with technology. Before I go, of course, I will throw my mom's computer off a 20 store building.

It's dead. Officially. The HD died. Of course, it decided to die *after* I'd spent hours installing W2K, Office, and everything else that my parents use. I went to sleep at 4am yesterday, and for what? To wake up today to a dead computer.

Y'all probably won't be seeing much of me in the following days... Except if I log on at work. The move (with my trusty computer) arrives in the first week of December, but I don't know how long it'll take for me to get a phone line and a cable modem at my new place.

And now I'll stop whining here on LJ, because I'm starting to bore *myself*.
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I am incredibly happy right now. I installed W2K on my mom's computer, and it works beautifully. I also made my very first compilation CD, and I love it to bits. *happy sigh*

So I'm back! No more stress! And I think I'll actually be able to reply to all my mail tomorrow, so if you're expecting a reply, you hopefully won't have to wait long :)

And now, quizzes!

Which Rosenbaum Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

You are FLASH. You are a happy-go-lucky character who would do anything for your friends. You call things like you see them and have simple tastes and a quick wit.

This was actually pretty accurate... Although I'm more on the slow side ;)

Which Harry Potter Guy are you Most Compatible with?

brought to you by Quizilla

Of course!!
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See this? This is me grinning like a loon. Because IT WORKED! Just when I was about to give up, it worked! Windows just magically loaded again, and I managed to get everything on CDs. Although I can count about 30 new strands of white hair on my head, so I'm still pissed at Bill Gates. I'm still in favor of the public burning of CDs.

Now, here's the not so good part: I had two CDs at hand, one lousy one that cost about 0.50 and a really good one (I assumed) that cost about 1.20. I put my parents' stuff on the cheap one (yup, I'm mean like that...) along with the largest of my ep files ('Red'), and it works just fine. I brought it down to the other computer and opened the ep file and it worked.

The expensive CD, however, doesn't seem to be working. The files are all there (all the other ep files), but when I try opening them, Media Player says that it's an invalid format. I tried copying it to the HD and running it from there, thinking it might have something to do with the CD speed, but it doesn't work that way either. Is there something I'm missing here?

Off to try to find another crappy cheap CD, just to be sure :)
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I would like to propose the public burning of all Microsoft Windows installation CDs tomorrow.

I am so hopping mad at Bill Gates. I spent two whole days trying to get my mom's computer to load Windows again, so that I could back up all the files to CD and reinstall it. All I managed was to get it to enter Secure Mode, which is pretty useless since it doesn't allow me access to any peripherals. Normal boot gave me a msgsrv23.dll error. I have spent every last brain cell trying to correct that, and nothing worked. Not reinstalling Windows. Not manually reinstalling the DLLs. Nothing. I am exhausted, and I Just. Give. Up.

So... I'll back up my parents' stuff on plain old diskettes. After that, I will reformat the computer, effectively sending to the ether 2GB of downloaded SV eps. I will then install Windows 2000, and start downloading all over again. *sigh*

One word of advice: Backup. Do it. Often.


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