Mar. 31st, 2011

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I'm one of those people who never manage to have a big city on SimCity, or an old sim on The Sims (unless he's created old). At some point in the game, I always think I could've done something better, and decide to start all over. I buy new notebooks every semester, even if the previous ones were barely touched. I like beginnings; I'm not that good on development. This is something I'm trying to change, but changing is a long and painful process.

And so, here I am, starting over. If I've subscribed to your journal and you have no idea who I am, I was known as "maricats" on LJ. And yes, I've been gone for a long time. I'd appear there sporadically, about once every year or two, and then would disappear again. People would delete their LJ accounts, create other ones, and I'd try and catch up and figure out who was who after being away for so long, but my LJ was a big mess. So I decided to start over on DreamWidth. My LJ still exists, and I'll check it every once in a while. But this? It's so tidy and organized! :)

My current plan is to write every day. Not necessarily here on DW, though. I'm working on a screenplay, and I have a movie site that needs constant updating, and other blogs. But I need to discipline myself to write something, anything, every day.

And so it begins... We'll see how this goes!
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I've been feeling kind of down for the past couple months. They say that moving is one of life's most stressful events. So is studying. So is changing jobs. Well, I've been through all of those in the past 6 months (and we're talking intercontinental move here!), and I can tell you, they, whoever they are, are right. I'm stressed out of my mind, and it's not a good feeling.

But today was a Good Day(tm), and I am happy. Here's why:

1. My movie is FINALLY done. Done. As in, "there is nothing else I need to do with it except send it out to festivals" done. I've been waiting to say this for the past 2 and a half years.
2. I posted the story map and the first ten pages of my screenplay for my online class to give feedback on, and people actually like it!
3. My elliptical arrived today, and my move will arrive Monday. After SIX MONTHS of waiting.
4. After 2 weeks of no sugar, no lactose and no gluten, my skin is starting to clear and I lost 2 pounds!

So yeah... It's pretty amazing how one good day can change your entire mindset... Bring it on, world! I'm ready!!


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