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So... My move came. Which is a good thing. All of the boxes arrived, which is also a good thing. So I went to unpack my iMac, which is what I've been waiting for for the last six months. I thought it was weird that all the packaging was there, like the plastic covering the screen and everything, but I thought, hey, maybe I'm just that good and I kept all of that because I knew that I was gonna have to pack it, and I just forgot that I did it.

Wishful thinking.

THEY SENT ME A NEW COMPUTER. That sounds like a good thing, right? NO. It's not. Because my old computer was better, it had more RAM and more hard drive space, and a better processor. But more importantly, IT HAD ALL MY STUFF IN IT. All my photos (which, stupidly, aren't backed up). All my bank information. Passwords saved in cookies. Social Security Number. Documents, and just general information. A lot of damage can be done with that info.

What probably happened was, somewhere between leaving my home in DC and getting to my home in Brasília, the computer was stolen (or ruined, which is what I'm hoping, cause then I might be able to get the info back), and they replaced it in secret so they wouldn't have to use the insurance.

But you know what bugs me the most? Is that they tried to fool me. They thought my old computer was new (it was in the original box) and they thought if they just replaced it, I'd never notice. And that? That just makes me soooo mad. That they LIED to me.

So I wanna sue them. And I need a good lawyer. In Florida. Anyone?


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